The newest album by Weesp - great mix of metal, rock, electronics, great vocals and fat guitars. Progressive and impressive. You should try it!



"High energy alt rockers from Minsk, Weesp return with electrifying new album, 'The Void' driven by far reaching ambience and strong electronic influence, creating a heavy and extremely groovy backbone, all delivered in their signature style, layered with memorable rhythms, riffs and flawless varied vocals - quite simply they 'kill' it!" Carina Jane

"They’re clearly going for something big, and then bigger. At times reminiscent of everyone from Duran Duran to Yes to 30 Seconds to Mars, these alternative Eastern Bloc rockers combine an almost New Wavish sense of rhythm and freespiritedness with an underbelly of melancholy that sinks into one’s skin. They’re polished but not that polished. Which isn’t to say that they’re raw or that the production values are sub-par. It’s more that they’re not as machine-produced as bands from the U.S. or England tend to be, nor are they anything like your typical DIY punk outfit or garage band. They’re inventive, they’re open, they’re willing to go for combinations that most Western bands appear to shy away from—who tend to be too self-conscious of whatever image they’re trying to project or whatever genre they’re trying to stay true to (for fear of alienating judgmental, restrictive fans) to venture outside of that sound or that style." Devon Jackson

"This Minsk Techno-Metal band have certainly got a unique sound with their mixture of samples and electro being mixed together with crushing guitars, clean vocals and guttural screams. ... Speaking of which, the bass line delivered by Mi on ‘Sub’ is incredible, moving from shredding bass lines to outrageously quick slap and back to slow, deliberate bass lines at will. There is a huge Korn type outro to this song again showing the flipping of styles. The is plenty to like about Weesp but with so many different styles being crammed in to each song it ultimately makes it feel too busy and congested, not leaving much room for changes in dynamic. That said there are areas of the metal community that will lap this up." Stencil Magazine