Weesp was formed in Minsk, Belarus, when Lex (vocals), Mike (guitar) and Mi (bass) started playing music together in high school. The band has been growing rapidly since then, improving their skills and confidence. Having recorded the second EP («Taste of Steel») in 2009, the band has finally announced its name – mysterious «WEESP».

By the beginning of work on the next EP – «This will destroy us», two more band members – Gul (drums) and Mi's twin brother Stak (electronics) joined the team, to finalize the current structure of WEESP.

By that time, Weesp have developed their own unique style, mixing hard, yet fluted modes with modern trends in electronic music and expressive vocal tunes.

Weesp have already performed at numerous concerts and festivals, including those in Baltic countries and all over CIS. The band has recorded three EPs and released two singles, all of which were a great success. Not only is Weesp famous for the high quality of records for a DIY-band, but also for the outstanding show they do at the concerts. A number of articles in related magazines emphasize on the drive and energy the band are spreading over the crowd when performing.

In the beginning of 2012, Weesp released their first official video “Livan” and currently, the band’s singles are actively rotated in numerous European and US-based radio stations.

In March 2013 band released an acoustic single "Caves Unplugged" and made promo video for it. After 2 months, experimental lyric video for the track "Our Own Gale" was published. And a month later, in the middle of June, the musicians presented a full clip for the track "Sub" from the album "This Will Destroy Us".

Weesp consists of:

Alexei (Lex) Falco– vocals, piano
Michael (Mike) Zalutsky – guitar
Dmitry (Mi) Budko – bass
Stanislav (Stak) Budko – electronics
Alexei (Gul) Galesnik – drums


2008 - Ep2008 (vol. 1)
2009 – EP: taste of steel
2009 – single «Exodus: origins»
2011 – EP: this will destroy us
2011 – single «Our own gale»
2013 – single «Caves (unplugged)»

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"Caves unplugged" took 2nd place in "GENERATION.torrent" music contest! Torrent with all winner's here - Read More...
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